Corporate Training Course Solutions

Corporate Services

Learn iT!’s greatest strength lies in our ability to create customized training programs that meet each company’s specific needs.

Microsoft Migration

Microsoft’s Office Suite is embedded in today’s business climate. The challenge is to leverage this investment and utilize the products to drive your key business goals and objectives.

Public Classes (Corporate Cards)

Learn iT! offers many cost effective corporate packages that can bring your cost per class as low as $25! With Learn iT! Corporate Cards you can distribute training among your employees. Here’s an opportunity to get everyone up to speed!

Private Training – End-User Training | Technical Training | Pro Dev

For your individual training needs Learn iT! provides private training at your office, home, or at Learn iT! Learn the application of your choice at your own pace. Concentrate on questions and features specific to your training needs.

Group Training

Learn iT! recognizes the need for quality group training because all organizations will grow with the best tools. We understand that each organization is unique and therefore has unique training needs. With tailored group training, we align our experts in End-User, technical, and professional development to your specific needs.

Room Rentals

Learn iT! is the best destination in the San Francisco Bay Area for executing your training needs. All locations are easily accessible and each location has a unique industrial design; creating a dynamic atmosphere essential for training.

Learn iT! classrooms can accommodate most proprietary software training needs. The classroom sizes range from 8 to 32 high speed student workstations and are fully networked classrooms with a T1 connection.

Please contact a Corporate Account Manager to set up a low-cost, completely customized Learn iT! training plan to fit your needs.