Dedicated Account Training Courses

This is a big deal.

At Learn iT! you’ll be assigned your own account manager to help make smart education choices. They’ll build a relationship with you and get to know your history, corporate culture, interests, training goals, and how your learners best engage. When you call, you’ll be connected to someone who cares – someone who knows you.

Through your account manager, you’ll receive:

  • Personal Guidance – which courses are best for you and your company’s goals
  • Scheduling Advice – use your time effectively and efficiently
  • Administrative Guidance – expert help with administering our training programs to your learners
  • Expert Analysis – access to subject matter experts when needed to develop a custom plan

Looking for a corporate training strategy or custom class? Contact us today.

Your account manager can provide you with:

  • Course customization – promote retention and relevance by addressing specific needs
  • Customized Web Portal – alert staff to offerings on your personalized portal page, track registrations online, and promote awareness
  • Internal Marketing Material – boost attendance and usage with flyers, posters and emails
  • Course Registration – easily track attendees with sign-in sheets
  • Staff and/or Management Surveys – we can work with your company to decide on the best custom content for your training
  • Detailed Post-Course Evaluations – course feedback from your learners
  • Monthly Reports – track account usage