How do I register for training courses?

There are 2 ways to register. If you already purchased a Learning Package, or you have a Corporate Card, spend some time adding classes to your registration page and submit your request. We will register you for eligible classes and follow up with a confirmation email. (Please remember that you are NOT registered for classes until you receive your confirmation from Learn iT!). If you are new to Learn iT!, please call us (855-838-5028) and we will help you find the best schedule and cost effective package.

What is the cancellation policy for training courses?

To cancel End-User classes, Learn iT! requires notice of cancellation 2 business days before the class is scheduled. If you do not cancel within 2 business days, you will be charged for the class. If you were scheduled for 4 modules, you will be charged for each module.*

* Learning Card holders will receive a strike on their Learning Card for late cancellations. Each card allows a set amount of strikes. Once you “strike out” you must pay a reinstatement fee to re-validate your Learning Card. Corporate Accounts will arrange terms with an Account Manager regarding cancellations.

Can I show up the day of class and get a seat?

Yes. If there are seats available, you can take the class. This is one of the great advantages of Learn iT!’s flexible schedule. Fear of commitment? No problem. Decide at the last minute, and if there are seats, you’re in!

Do classes ever get cancelled?

Unfortunately we will cancel a class due to low enrollment. If your class is cancelled, you will be contacted via email as well as by phone. (This is a good reason to make sure we have your most current contact information!) We will do everything we can to reschedule you as soon as possible.

Do you have to take all modules of a course?

No. It is all about flexibility. You can take as many or as few modules as needed. This feature is also great for students with learning packages. Repeat only the modules that didn’t “stick” or take only the module with the topics you need. If you are not taking a whole series, please be comfortable with the content in the modules prior. The instructor will not backtrack.

Does Learn iT! use Mac’s or PC’s?

Students at Learn iT! learn on PC’s. If you are a Mac user, take heart. Overwhelmingly, the software we teach works exactly the same way on Macs. Our expert graphics and web instructors are Mac-fluent and will take special care to point out any small differences. MS Office programs also share the same Mac/PC functionality. Sometimes students even bring in their own Mac laptops to use during class. They get along just fine, because the software functions the same way!

If I pay for a package today, do I have to start using it right away?

Most packages begin on the first day of your first class. For example, if you purchase a month pass on May 1st, and take your first class on June 1st, you will have 30 days from June 1st.